The two faces  of Artificial Intelligence

The picture you can see, was created together with another human (?) in the chat of midjourney.

I was playing with prompts like "yin & yang" or "dystopie" and "utopie".

You can create dreams or nightmares.

He used the snake motive in a variety of different ways.
We combined both.


If the user wants to be mentioned here, please contact me.
Here, you can see, how the painting developped. An interaction between two humans (?) and AI.

We used the options to modify picture, or changed the prompts.

!! AI sometimes creates nightmares !!
Some of the pictures might distrub.

Nevertheless all prompts are not in conflict with the rules of midjourney.



AI, please imagine dream and nightmare:


Dear mankind, you developped a creat and powerfull tool.
Handle it with care.
Not everything is a nail, just because you have an hammer in your hand