What is you perspective on Chemistry?

I studied Chemical Engineering at University Erlangen-Nürnberg.

Since a child, I was fascinated by chemistry.

I wanted to understand, what happens in the industrial reactors.
How do we produce paints, textiles, pharmaceuticals, fertilizers or plastics?

But for most of the people, chemistry something the usully try to avoid.

I want to guide you through different perspectives on chemical industry.

Use AI to broaden your horizon.


The first one combines chemistry with Goethes Zauberlehrling:


Inspired by my PhD-thesis, I created this mobile biogas-plant which is combined with an harvester.

The plant is mobile and collects the maize directly on the field.

There are several reasons, why this does not make sense.

Anyway, be open to new ideas.

I used "steam punk" as additional prompt.


I like the painer Leonid Afremov.
Here I combind his style with my passion, chemical industry.
You can use "chemical plant" and add short prompts like "Banksy", "van Gogh", "future", "nature"...



Chemical elements like carbon, hydrogen or oxygen are like toy building blocks.
Each element is unique and has special characteristics: 

- solid, liquid and gaseous

- metals, non-metals and gases. Some gases are even noble

- highly reactiv and boring


Depending on how you connect the elements, the outcome material again has different properties.



You want it darker?
How about using the style of banksy:

This one is more controversial, than you might expect: